PeopleNotes is for NDIS providers

Use PeopleNotes to plan, manage and monitor support in real-time.Design your own system that will work for you, your team and your clients. Notes are whatever you need to capture and share. NoteTypes make it easy to organise, manage, apply and share all your key informationAlerts ContactsHistory Incidents Needs Plans Support Reviews…Groups might includeNDIS clientsNon-NDIS clientsstaff caseloadsparticipants with common needsparticipants receiving […]

PeopleNotes is for working with People

PeopleNotes is for working with peopleIf you work with people then PeopleNotes is for you. Perhaps you are ateacher working with studentscoach working with clientspersonnel officer working with staffleader working with team members …Because you care…You care about the people with whom you work – you want to do a great job.  This meansKnowing what matters about each person with whom they workDoing […]

PeopleNotes is for Team Leaders

In most organisations people belong to, and work in, a number of teams. The success of individual team members and the team as a whole depends on the ability of everyone involved to contribute byKnowing what mattersDoing what worksBeing accountable for their contributionsWith PeopleNotes, Team Leaders can easily  monitor who is doing what for whomhow well […]

PeopleNotes is for Owner/Managers

As an manager your task is to get the best value from your staff.   After all, staff are the organisation’s key resource and major cost.If your staff often work with particular people on an ongoing basis:  teachers work with students coaches, support workers and therapists work with clients team leaders work with team members HR staff works […]

Data and working relationships

A parent arrived at school furious that her daughter was about to be suspended. As far as she knew the daughter was doing well. The school welcomed the parent and showed the daughter’s PeopleNotes data including details of incidents, school responses, copies letters sent home, and phone messages left. In recent weeks there had been […]

Countering the “street light effect”

Education in general, and schools in particular suffer badly from the “streetlight effect“. Decision makers at all levels search for answers where data is most readily available. For example, NAPLAN data is used extensively to find answers related to school performanceStandardised testing results are frequently used to inform efforts to improve individual student learning.But NAPLAN data is about […]


Build great team solutions and do what works

In today’s large complex organisations it can be difficult to: – Know what’s happening – Know what’s working well, and what is not – Plan and monitor improved support to enable everyone to do well PeopleNotes makes it easy to collect, collate and review the key knowledge needed to meet the needs of every person […]