Set Up

PeopleNotes and You

PeopleNotes is a powerful, flexible tool you will use to build great solutions based on knowing

  • what matters, and
  • what works

for the people in your organisation: staff, clients, students, members…

Implementing PeopleNotes in your organisation will be a significant learning and development project for the whole organisation. You will learn a great deal about what you know (and don’t know) about who is doing what to ensure the success and well-being of your people.

Used well, PeopleNotes enables you to be much more credible and accountable for what you do and achieve.

And you are encouraged to make it your own!!

Setting Up your PeopleNotes

Your PeopleNotes comes partly SetUp but you and your organisation are unique.
Your Admins can refine and customise the SetUp to make PeopleNotes even more useful and authentic. Work with your colleagues to plan how PeopleNotes will be used in your organisation.

  1. What Notes Types you need?
  2. What Groups do you have?
  3. Who will access the Notes of which Groups
  4. What Key Performance Indicators are used in your organisation?
  5. Agree on #Codes and @Roles to be used in Notes
  6. Identify key Times and Places if needed

SetUp is fast and easy using the sidebar menu - see Plans for Setup Assistance

  1. Click on Setup in the sidebar
    • Add, edit or archive NoteTypes
    • Add Groups
    • Add Key Indicators (if required)
    • Add Places, Times, Codes and Roles if required
  2. Add People > New
  3. Add Users > Send Invitation
  4. Continue to review and refine your PeopleNotes as you learn from using it.

Now train the leaders in your organisation to work with their teams using PeopleNotes