How It Works

Every person is unique - everyone who works with people is a knowledge worker.

PeopleNotes makes it easy for you and your colleagues to select, collect, collate, share and use a wide range of key data in a timely manner from a wide range of sources.

This data is easily converted into ready to use, vital information

  1. Know what matters about each person
    • Goals
    • Alerts
    • Performance
    • Needs
    • Incidents
    • ...
  2. Do what works with each person
    • Support
    • Strategies
    • Therapy
    • Counselling
    • Plans
    • ...
  3. Be accountable for what you do
    • Just using PeopleNotes makes it much easier for all users to give a timely account of their decisions and actions. 

Whatever you do (school, club, business, service…), you and your colleagues will be more effective and efficient with greatly reduced rework. You will find it very easy to ...

  • Know what is happening
  • Work with others to improve what is happening
  • Make it easy for the next person to do well

Getting started - 5 easy steps

  1. Decide who will lead your use of PeopleNotes (it could be you!!)
  2. Learn more about PeopleNotes - check out our FAQ
  3. Sign up 
  4. Add People (students, staff…) and organise them into Groups
  5. Add Users and give them access to particular Groups (classes, teams…)

Customise your PeopleNotes with

  • Note Types
  • Groups
  • Key Indicators
  • Places and Times
  • Codes and Tags
  • ...

Do well and make it easier for everyone to do the same!!