Thank you for considering PeopleNotes. This is a tool that will help you know what you need to know, when you need to know it.
As result you will get things done easily and well, first time, almost every time.
Using PeopleNotes will improve performance, collaboration and mutual respect throughout your business, school, club, service...

Why do we need PeopleNotes?

It is all about you (and your team) doing a great job now and in the future!!! This means
  • Knowing what is happening
  • Working with others to improve what is happening
  • Making it easier for the next person to do well

Organisations work because of the knowledge, actions and arrangements that support and enable the people involved.

Managers, supervisors, teachers, team leaders, carers … all work with people, but no-one has all the available knowledge regarding any particular staff member, student, client…

And key knowledge is continually lost as a result of staff turnover and client movements.

Key knowledge needs to be gathered from a wide range of sources, organised, shared and applied to ensure success and well-being for all.

PeopleNotes enables users to meet these challenges really easily and well

How much does it cost?

With PeopleNotes you and your team can create and share unlimited Notes 

PeopleNotes is Free for you and a colleague!

There are low cost plans to suit you and your team:

Small Team
(5 Users):
   -  Small businesses,
   -  HR and/or leadership teams,
   -  School senior staff, ...
Medium Team (15 Users): 
   -  Small schools,
   -  Medium businesses, support teams, child-care ...
Large Team (unlimited users)
   - ideal most schools and colleges, and aged-care...
Change your Plan at any time to suit the needs of your team

Choose the Plan that is right for you and your team (Plans…).

What is the return on investment (ROI)?

PeopleNotes greatly reduces errors, omissions and rework.

Avoiding, or quickly resolving, one significant problem will more than pay for the annual cost of PeopleNotes for your business, school, service, club....

  • The ROI is typically achieved within weeks
  • And the returns are recurrent - it is easy to solve problems and keep them solved
  • PeopleNotes makes it easy to know what is working, and what is not
  • The more you use PeopleNotes the more value it returns

How does PeopleNotes help Schools and Colleges?

PeopleNotes, and its predecessor, have a twenty year history of successful use in schools and colleges.
Using PeopleNotes, staff work with students, colleagues, families and support services to monitor student
  • Behaviour,
  • Performance,
  • Needs,
  • Achievements
  • Key Indicators: Literacy, Numeracy...
  • ...

And then collaboratively develop responses that are customised to the needs of each student.
It doesn’t matter whether students have high needs or are gifted, whether they are exemplary or have serious behavioural concerns or major disabilities.

PeopleNotes enables everyone to be accountable through
  • Coherent Plans with clear goals
  • Well defined actions, arrangements and processes
  • Well defined responsibilities

How does PeopleNotes help Child Care, Aged Care, Support Services…?

People who need care and support have specific
  • Needs: Social, Emotional, Physical, Employment, Transport...
  • Abilities
  • Achievements
  • History
  • Key Indicators: Mobility, Hearing, Sight, Self-regulation, Work Potential...
  • ...

Care and Support Services need to deliver the best possible care and support to children, clients, residents... in collaboration with clients, residents and third party stakeholders.
This means ensuring that everyone is clear about the planned routines, actions, arrangements and timing involved and how responsibility is to be managed.
Because changes can occur rapidly staff need to be able to report developments and issues, and also share insights in real time.

PeopleNotes enables easy sharing of key knowledge thus helping to maximise the quality of support and care provided.

How does PeopleNotes work in HR?

Don’t buy sophisticated HR software systems for thousands of dollars.
HR and management teams use PeopleNotes to maximise the effectiveness of staff by planning and monitoring the support and leadership provided, including:
  • (Annual) Reviews
  • PIP - Performance Improvement Plans
  • KPIs: Key Performance Indicators
  • Employment Contracts
  • Salaries and Position Histories
  • Awards and Acknowledgements
  • Rem/Ben - Remuneration and Benefits updates
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • ...

The rich formatting of Notes means that PeopleNotes can be used as a simple but effective, centralised document management system. Key documents are directly associated with individual staff members and can be updated at any time.

How does PeopleNotes work with Clients, Contractors and Suppliers?

The nature of businesses varies enormously, especially how staff are organised and work with colleagues and clients.
PeopleNotes provides a simple, cheap tool to create your own CRM - don’t pay 10s of thousands of dollars for a complex system that you have to learn.
PeopleNotes enables users to focus on
  • How you do what you do
  • What would make it easier to do better

Use PeopleNotes to create the Notes, Groups and Key Indicators that will enable you and your staff to

  • Maximise your effectiveness
  • Improve the performance of your supply chain
  • Continuously improve the quality of your services

In other words, you can get started at almost no cost. Invest in making PeopleNotes work for you.

Why do we need to focus on solutions?

There are few, in any, “one-size-fits-all” solutions when it comes to people’s success and well-being.
Each person is unique. The best approach is to focus on solutions that work for the people concerned.
This means starting from the present
  • Alerts
  • Needs
  • Opportunities
  • Goals
  • Achievements (to date)
  • Key (performance) Indicators
  • Available resources
  • ...
Then using this data to create, implement and monitor
  • Support
  • Arrangements
  • Plans
and build on
  • Previous successes
  • What works
  • Opportunities as they emerge

That is, PeopleNotes enables you and your team to better manage the complexities of supporting real people in real time. Enjoy!!

What about document management?

The rich formatting of Notes means that you can create real documents from within PeopleNotes. This makes it easy to create and share
  • Plans
  • Meeting Notes
  • Contracts
  • Reports
  • ...
The content of any Note can be easily shared by email directly from within the Note allowing collaboration leading to better Plans, more accurate Meeting Notes, etc. Users are not restricted to sharing within your organisation
  • Teachers can share with students, parents..,
  • Staff can share with clients, contractors, suppliers…
  • ...

Linking to documents outside PeopleNotes is straightforward, and increases the security of sensitive content. Users with access to the Note can see that a document exists but may require assistance to gain access if required.

What about staff accountability?

Using PeopleNotes means staff have fewer excuses
  • No more “I wasn’t told!!” or "I didn't know"
  • Less loss of key information as a result of staff changes
There will clearer responsibility for actions and arrangements
And staff can demonstrate achievements

Will PeopleNotes improve our credibility?

Absolutely!! To be credible an organisation has to demonstrate two things
  • "We know what is happening"
  • "We care about what is happening"
Using PeopleNotes makes it so easy to demonstrate both.

Will PeopleNotes improve (working) relationships?

PeopleNotes makes it much easier for people to work really well together.
  • Users easily share the same key information
  • All parties contribute and use information and insights
  • Quality information underpins quality relationships
  • Collaboration is based on shared information and understanding
  • Accountability and responsibility are clearer

Will PeopleNotes improve our practices

PeopleNotes makes it easy to provide better leadership and support within your organisation based on
  • Knowing who is doing what, how, when and why
  • How things are progressing - what is improving / what’s not
  • What works and what doesn’t
  • Where there are hotspots, when there are peak times
  • ...

Leaders, supervisors, teachers… move naturally from controlling to coaching

Can we integrate PeopleNotes into our existing system?

PeopleNotes will be a great complement to your existing system.

You find that PeopleNotes offers power, speed, flexibility and focus way beyond what is available in your existing system.

But… in most instances you already have a heavy investment of money, time and data in your existing system. This means your system would serve you better if it contained a “PeopleNotes module”.

On receiving your request, we will be pleased to contact the vendor of your existing system about including a “PeopleNotes module” in your current system.

We have developed PeopleNotes with this possibility in mind and you can help it happen.

How do we manage our subscription?

To change your plan in the sidebar go to Administration > Change Plan/Subscribe.

To cancel your subscription your Admin can just email PeopleNotes giving details of your organisation. And we would value any feedback associated with your cancellation.
Your data will be securely stored for 2 years to allow you to opt back in at any time.

To reactivate your subscription your Admin can simply request PeopleNotes to do so, giving details of your organisation.